In the internet era, transport and logistics remains the key to getting goods from A to B. It is the ideal career path to keep you on the move.

Buying goods online is a reality but the click of a mouse does not get your latest purchase to you.

An integrated transport and logistics system is the key to good fulfilment and customer satisfaction.

Our economy relies on planes, trains and automobiles (and ships), and the people that drive them, to ensure products and people are in that certain place at that certain time: the daily paper is available first thing in the morning, supermarkets are stocked with fresh produce and the supply chain is running smoothly.

Career FAQs Transport & Logistics from Career FAQs profiles over 25 people working in freight, aviation, rail, road, warehousing and maritime services.

From business systems management to safety consultants and legal counsel, transport and logistics offers a range of dynamic career options for people with a passion for organisation, planning and travel.