Caddit  has introduced progeCAD product line to Australia.

As a result, Australian architects, engineers, designers and other CAD professionals have access to a local VAR for this high value CAD solution.

The agreement between progeSOFT SAS and Caddit opens the way for potentially faster support and greater visibility of the progeCAD product in Australia.

"We are happy to carry the progeCAD product line here. Our customers should know that there exist functional alternatives to the expensive CAD systems that they currently have to buy," said Ben Decker, the director for Caddit.

ProgeCAD has enjoyed a lot of success internationally, offering file compatibility and comparable interface and feature-set with AutoCAD, a dominant 2D architectural drafting product used in Australia.

Reviews for progeCAD overseas have been favourable. Located in Sydney, Australia's largest city, Caddit is well located to support the potential market there.

"It's a great place to advertise and get the word out," said Ben. ProgeCAD is a mature IntelliCAD based product to offer ACIS solid modelling and a full suite of express tools and raster manipulation functions.

Coupled with a solid DWG DXF reader-writer, ProgeCAD is a robust alternative to the many Australian AutoCAD users.

Caddit plans to demonstrate the product at several key industry conventions and interest groups over the next 12 months. Caddit also plan to expand their design contracting operations and make more daily use of progeCAD in house.