Britex  manufacture stainless steel troughs. The extensive range of troughs manufactured by Britex includes stainless steel drinking troughs, hand washing troughs, surgeons scrub troughs, foot washing troughs, knee-operated troughs, clay troughs, screen printing troughs, inset troughs and numerous other designs suited to a vast array of applications.

The Britex Multiple Knee Operated Trough is designed for factories, medical facilities, processing and food handling areas where cross-contamination is an issue. Supplied fully pre-plumbed, the water outlets are activated by the user leaning against a heavy duty push plate on the front of the trough. This eliminates the need for sensor taps that require electricity or perishable batteries.

Britex work with designers and clients to develop custom made stainless steel troughs suited to their specific requirements. Britex also supply stainless steel troughs with drinking taps, sensor taps and a wide variety of high quality hand washing tapware upon request.