Perth-based builder, designer and developer, Jade Projects has just opened its first 9 Star display home built in partnership with Right Homes.

Founded in 2004 by co-directors Daniel Smee and Jason Janssen, Jade built a 7 Star house in 2007, winning the State and National HIA Energy Efficiency Awards, followed by a multi-award-winning 8 Star house, the Jade 808 in 2008.

Previously a technical director of HIA WA, Daniel says that he is passionate about energy efficiency and sustainability. Key goals for Jade 909 included creating a highly energy-efficient and water-efficient house that was also affordable, would fit on a standard building block and was carbon neutral. Daniel was named HIA GreenSmart Professional of the Year in 2009.

The design and construction of the 909 and the 808 incorporate the four well-established passive design principles of orientation, insulation, ventilation and thermal mass in addition to double brick walling, which is standard construction practice in WA.

Speaking about the 909’s affordability, Jason Janssen explains that the base model is around $200,000 rising to about $285,000 as displayed with photo-voltaic cells, grey water system and rainwater tanks.

Jade describes their 909 display home as ‘beyond carbon neutral’ as it has no air-conditioning with only ceiling fans fitted to assist ventilation while the three kilowatt PV cells exceed the home’s power requirements. Key outcomes include water-savings of 76% over a standard house and 119% energy savings.

A common feature across all three of Jade’s Star-rated designs is the use of clay bricks and terracotta roof tiles since both the materials have a very long life expectancy. Jason adds that clay tiles also have a lower CO2 footprint than steel sheet roofing.

The roof tiles have been installed on a double-pitch roof design in the 909 with no hips or valleys. The recent storms in Perth did not cause overflow or leakage problems, according to Jason.

The next goal for Jade is to build a 10 Star house though it may come at the cost of affordability. The 9 Star rating was achieved for the 909 primarily through design but also by choosing the right products such as double clay bricks and terracotta tiles.

The Jade 909 features Bristile Vienna profile terracotta roof tiles in Pepper, part of the Valley Essentials range.

The 909 can be viewed at Multiplex’s Vale Display Village, Wesley Way, Aveley WA. 

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