When you’re building new commercial premises in Australia, wheelchair door width is an important consideration.

At Bris Aluminium our premium aluminium partitioning systems and our cavity door sliders are purposefully designed to meet Australian standards – including access requirements for people with disabilities.

According to Australian building standards there must be accessible paths for those with a disability to use within all new buildings. This means that all people – including those in a wheelchair – must be able to travel easily through all open doorways.

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Door Opening Size for Wheelchair Access Australia

Doors, when open, must have a clear and continuous accessible thoroughfare, so people in a wheelchair can travel through the doorway without an issue.

The clear opening of a doorway – from the face of the open door to the doorstop – must be 850mm or greater.

This means no obstructions can be present within the opening space.

Obstructions could include:

  • Door handles,
  • Architraves,
  • Skirting boards,
  • Hinges, and
  • Door stops.

clear opening of doorways diagram

Source: Building Code of Australia

Door Circulation Space for Wheelchairs

Doorway circulation is also an important consideration – especially for swinging (or hinged) doors.

A person in a wheelchair needs to reach the handle and open the door without being hit by the door. They then need to be able to travel through the doorway without obstruction.

With this is mind, Bris Aluminium’s signature sliding door solution provides more versatility – at least in our opinion – than say a traditional hinged door.

Its space saving benefits are much more meaningful and impactful when considering the accessibility requirements to create an inclusive and fully accessible building.

circulation doorway spaces

Source: Building Code of Australia

Why Choose Bris Aluminium for Accessible Doorway Solutions

  • Bris Aluminium’s partitioning systems are proven in the market
  • Industry leaders for 2 decades
  • Our systems are highly adaptable and can be customised to suit your space and requirements
  • Our systems have passed the ISO9001 quality standard
  • Our systems meet requirements set out by the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Amendment standards 2010(no. 1) (Premises Standards), Disability Discrimination act 1992(Cth)(DDA).

Wheelchair Door Width Australia

Bris Aluminium should be the top choice for anyone who needs premium aluminium partitioning solutions, including door and window frames, which meet Australian building standards.

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