Brintons Carpets has launched their new and exclusive broadloom carpet collection for the commercial market.

Designed in collaboration with international design studio Zuzunaga, Brintons’ new broadloom carpets form part of their new HD Weave collection, and introduce a new level of colouration in carpets.

Brintons’ carpets have been part of some of the most beautiful interiors in a wide range of environments across the world from palaces, hotels and restaurants to public buildings, convention centres and airports.

Brintons’ exclusive broadloom carpet collection employs their patented High Definition Weave technology that has the ability to weave in up to 32 colours to create stunning photorealistic effects, in combination with Zuzunaga’s innovative design and digital imagery fused with ancient fabrics.

This brand new carpet collection is inspired by Cristian Zuzunaga’s exploration of Brintons’ remarkable design archive in Kidderminster. Cristian was particularly inspired by the contemporary relevance of the antique fabrics and design papers, and their similarity to his own design principles, which use squared, pixel-based designs and brightly coloured palettes of contrasting colours evident in weaving and wool dying, dating back centuries.

Cristian Zuzunaga’s designs engage with squares and colours to repeat, reproduce and build creative new patterns from unique formal prototypes. These designs now come to life on the new broadloom carpets, made possible on Brintons’ High Definition Weave looms.