The onset of winter means less daylight hours, colder weather and more time inside the house. So how do these changes impact our bodies?

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, commonly known as the winter blues comes from the physiological and psychological changes experienced during the colder months, which can negatively affect mood, sleep and overall sense of wellbeing for some people.

A Brightgreen study, ‘Emulating the Sun: The Benefits of Tru-Colour LEDs During the Cooler Months’ explains how the effects of shorter days and deficient natural light can be countered with indoor lighting that more closely emulates the sun.

The high quality phosphors in Tru-Colour LEDs were originally developed by Brightgreen to improve the appearance of interior environments; however, their research reveals how the higher R9 (vibrant red) levels in Tru-Colour LEDs better mimic the natural afternoon sunlight to minimise the effects of the winter blues.

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