Retractable roof systems from Bozzy Shade Blinds provide a great way to maximise the use of outdoor areas in any weather or climate.

A retractable roof system protects outdoor areas from the elements, allowing home, restaurant or business owners to enjoy the outdoors all year without worrying about the weather. Bozzy Shade Blinds can custom fit a retractable roof system to perfectly match the outdoor area of a home or commercial space.

The locally owned Western Australian company ensures all outdoor shade systems are built with first-hand understanding of WA's climate from the harshest of summers through to frosty winters and wild storms.

Bozzy manufactures retractable roof systems in a variety of colours and designs custom made to suit any décor scheme. These outdoor shade systems also offer several functional benefits to the home or business.

Top 10 benefits of installing a retractable roof system

1. Versatile shade solution

The ultimate outdoor shade solution, Bozzy's retractable roof systems allow the roof to be drawn completely for full block out shade or fully retracted to allow entertaining and activities under a starlit summer sky as well as during the cooler months. The roof can also be partially drawn to allow just the right amount of sun during the in-between seasons.

2. Complete rain protection

A completely closed retractable roof is also 100% watertight. Bozzy's retractable roof systems have an in-built guttering system to drain water away, allowing the user to enjoy the outdoors even in the heaviest downpours.

3. Excellent insulative benefits for outdoors and indoors

Installing outdoor shade protection provides the home with excellent insulation against hot and cold. In addition to keeping the living area at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, a retractable roof system will also help homeowners save money on heating and cooling costs, which also benefits the environment.

4. Combines easily with outdoor blinds

Bozzy retractable roof systems can also be installed in combination with outdoor blinds from Bozzy's great range of shade solutions for complete control over heat, glare, rain and wind from every angle.

5. Lighting systems for night time entertaining

A built-in lighting system in a retractable roof can turn any outdoor area into a perfect spot for night time entertainment. Bozzy can install an LED lighting system that is not only functional but also creates a warm and friendly atmosphere.

6. Cooling mist systems to keep summer heat under control

To beat Western Australian summers that can be excruciatingly hot, Bozzy's unique misting system can be installed into the retractable roof, keeping the family and guests cool and comfortable with a gentle mist on even the hottest of days.

7. Extreme durability

All Bozzy outdoor blind systems are handmade in Western Australia using high quality industrial materials including powder coated aluminium, stainless steel and tough weatherproof fabrics. Backed by a 5-year guarantee, Bozzy's retractable roof systems are built to last and are tough enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

8. Protects furnishings from fading outdoors and indoors

Using an outdoor shade system ensures all outdoor furnishings are protected against fading and deterioration. This protection can extend indoors if the retractable roof system is installed to block sunlight entering the room through the windows, limiting fading problems on indoor furnishings too.

9. Expands your living areas

Creating a comfortable and climate controlled outdoor area with a retractable roof extends the indoor living areas. With a great range of colours and styles available, the roof can be matched to the indoor decorating scheme allowing the décor to flow seamlessly from one space to the next, and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

10. Convenient electronic operation

Bozzy retractable roof systems are built with a state-of-the-art motorised system that allow operation with just the click of a button. Bozzy's motorised control systems are designed with high quality German engineering. For absolute convenience, wind and sun sensors can be integrated into the retractable roof to enable automatic opening and closing. Bozzy also provides full technical support with after-hours service for the controls.