Designers used a cube theme to unify The Cube Café.Bar.Lounge on Sydney’s George Street, creating an atmosphere which, as the name suggests, caters to a range of clientele.

As part of the refurbishment, a high quality sound system was introduced to provide a rich, strong sound - particularly for the after hours. A Bose FreeSpace 3 system, featuring the tiny cube loudspeakers, was installed throughout the venue. “The little cubes were a perfect match for the interior fit-out and the system did not take up any valuable space,” says owner Mark Pullen. The cubes are mounted on the ceilings, with the bass modules completely invisible.

“The distributed nature of the FreeSpace system is designed to fill the space completely, preventing some patrons being blasted while others are in cold spots,” says Mathew Fisher of Bose. “It caters for this relaxed venue where people want to chat, right through to the volume being quite high when in ‘bar’ mode. It is also essential that staff can control the system easily. The FreeSpace is matched with a Cloud CX-242 mixer that is intuitive to operate. As a result, the combination is ideal for retail, hospitality and other small business applications.”

Source: Building Products News.