Brad Jones Racing’s Boscotek custom-designed high density storage cabinet fit-out will serve Team BOC and WOW Racing drivers, Jason Richards and Cameron McConville well when they head to Darwin to take part in the V8 Supercar Championship Series at Hidden Valley Raceway on the weekend of June 19 – 21.   

Boscotek’s range of high density storage cabinets, industrial workbenches, mobile tool trolleys, linefeed trolleys and storage cupboards manufactured at Bosco Storage Solutions high tech facility in south western Sydney provide race teams with a winning strategy.  

Boscotek workplace storage systems are designed to handle high usage, heavy loads and frequent movement. The Boscotek fit-outs are robust and reliable and will ensure secure storage for BJR team’s tools, parts and vehicle components during the arduous journey to Darwin for the V8 Supercar Championship Series event.  

The heavily compartmentalised drawers of the Boscotek’s workplace storage systems provide a place for everything whilst remaining accessable for team mechanics to ensure optimum efficiency. Boscotek’s workplace storage systems feature the Boscotek anti tilt system that provides both safety and time saving features for V8 Supercar teams.  

Boscotek roll cabs bring tools and equipment to work areas, providing the necessary mobility needed to ensure team mechanics and engineers have access to everything required to properly maintain the team’s two V8 Supercars at the track.   

Using the finest materials and manufacturing capabilities, the Boscotek range is robust and refined and offers a competitively priced, reliable and durable option for workplace storage.