Boral ’s recent development and innovation in terracotta tiles has resulted in a product that will perform to specification guaranteed for 50 years. By incorporating a number of cost-effective and superior features into the tiles, including what is now recognised as the most advanced fixing system in Australia, the company says its Montoro French and Swiss terracotta tiles deliver big on the job and installation benefits.

Boral’s design innovations include the nail hole at the back of the tile, instead of the face. This concealing fixing system protects the nail from corrosion and exposure and makes the roof less susceptible to leaks. The Montoro French and Swiss profiles also incorporate fully interlocking deep weather checks and baffles, creating a better looking, better performing roof.

Unlike many tiles on the market, Boral’s tiles are individually and horizontally fired, giving them dimensional stability and tolerances that allow them to be laid faster and easier. At a little over 3.0kg, Boral says its Montoro French tiles are lighter than most other manufacturers’ so they are easier to handle on site; easier on the roof tiler and faster to install. The lighter weight does not compromise their durability in any way.

Builders will find that the Montoro French is a far more cost-effective option than alternative brands as it offers good roof coverage requiring an average of 12 tiles per square metre. The Montoro French profile also alls the flexibility to vary the fixing centres of the battens. This is an important consideration in re-roofing and renovation projects, where existing battens in good condition may be re-used, resulting in substantial cost savings and better productivity.

Source: Building Products News.