Charcoal, silver and grey bricks from building materials specialist Boral Bricks are meeting the needs of homeowners seeking a statement home exterior design.

Colour trends needn’t be limited to fashion and furnishings; homeowners can use exterior design features such as different brick colours or feature walls to showcase their style personality. 

Australians are embracing European trends, with shades of grey influencing interior and exterior styling. 

David Bird, general manager of Boral Bricks East sees a trend in the use of grey, blue and black bricks for creating statement home exteriors. 

Light greys are proving popular in Queensland, while Victorian homeowners have shown a preference for high impact, darker tones. New South Wales homes feature a consistent mix of both colours. 

With shades of grey currently trending in home exterior design, Boral Bricks offers a wide choice of brick colours. Different shades of grey will create a unique look and feel. The lighter hues of soft greys and silvers can create a low-key, coastal effect, while darker shades can make a contemporary, non-conformist statement.

David explains dark bricks such as Boral’s Nuvo Victorian Blue are a good option for those looking to show off the design of their home, as darker shades minimise distractions and encourage the eye to focus on the shape and structure of the house. 

Homeowners can also choose to combine light and dark shades of charcoal and grey to create a unique exterior or interior feature wall. The beauty of bricks is that they can be mixed and matched, offering design flexibility. 

David adds that bricks offer a strong, safe and durable option for homeowners since maintenance is minimal, which is important when considering the whole-of-life cost of a home. 

Boral bricks are available in a wide variety of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. The bricks are kiln-fired up to 1130°C, locking in colour for the life of the brick. Bricks are available in standard 50mm and double height sizes.