According to Boral sustainability starts at home. Boral aims to help create sustainable homes in which long and healthy lives can be enjoyed.

With energy prices rising and increasing emphasis being placed on building ecologically friendly homes Boral has turned its focus to supplying a range of sustainable construction materials and building products.

Boral has created a range of quality materials that keeps the environment in mind, including:

  • landscaping products
  • garden paving
  • decking
  • timber flooring
  • patios
  • walls
  • concrete flooring
  • driveways
  • courtyards
  • plasterboard walls and
  • ceilings
Boral understands that providing cost effective building materials for sustainable homes is essential. Many of its landscaping products are created using recycling initiatives.

Boral has used waste and recycled products to manufacture a range of pavers, bricks and blocks that can be used to construct intelligent, effective residential designs, as well as being ideal for long lasting outdoor landscaping.