Boral Bricks  presents a new range of clay bricks that combine a contemporary shape with a rustic appearance.
Part of the Boral Escura range, the new Opaline bricks suit the needs of new home builders seeking a rustic look without the tumbled edges.
The contemporary shape of the Opaline bricks with straight edges and smooth face is offset by their characteristic crazing, which gives the bricks a heritage charm often sought in new brick homes.
Boral Escura Opaline bricks go through a unique manufacturing process wherein a reduced exposure to oxygen leaves the bricks with a mottled colouration. Since no two bricks are alike, it is important to blend the brick layers to create a beautifully random effect.
Boral Escura Opaline bricks are available in a choice of three colours: terracotta base Tourmaline, red base Garnet and brown base Tiger Eye, which can integrate with existing brickwork or provide a traditional influence to newly built homes. The weathered-style brick highlights the beauty and variation of clay.
Boral’s Opaline brick range conveys the appeal of a bygone era while still being versatile for today's building designs.