Since the onset of the pandemic, entrances and doors are receiving a lot of attention as part of the cleaning regimen in any building. As we face global pandemics as well as annual flu seasons, it is essential to address the cleaning of something that hundreds to thousands of hands touch every day – your entrances, speed gates and security revolving doors.

Using the wrong cleaning agent or method

Not all entrances have the same finish. Therefore, each type of surface on your doors and/or speed gates has an appropriate cleaning method. The aim of cleaning is two-fold – one is to disinfect for the benefit and safety of staff and guests, and the other to maintain the finish for the long-term. Why is it so critical to use the right cleaning agents on your entrance? Simply put, using the wrong cleaning agent can mar or permanently tarnish the finish of your door or speed gate, damaging your investment.

Cleaning speed gates

Recommended cleaning methods

The recommended cleaning methods and agents for your entrances are outlined below. Please note that a single entrance may have various types of surfaces and may require more than one cleaning method.

Surface Type - Cleaning Method

  • Glass: Windex multi-surface disinfectant sanitiser cleaner
  • Powder Coat: Alcohol-based cleaners (nothing with acid-based ingredients) and products that suggest ‘suitable for regular/painted surfaces’
  • Paint: Hot, soapy water or isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher). Note: Painted parts must be cured for seven days or more before cleaning with an alcohol-based solution
  • Stainless Steel: Alcohol-based cleaners
  • Polycarbonate (often the brand name Lexan): Mild soap and lukewarm water with a soft cloth. Never use sharp tools to remove adhesive tape or stickers as this will mar the coating
  • Bullet-Resistant (BR) Glass: Isopropyl alcohol 99% or clean water with a soft cloth. Never use sharp tools to remove adhesive tape or stickers as this will mar the coating

It is recommended that you clean your entrances every week; however, during pandemics and cold and flu seasons, a quick wipe each day will reduce cross-contamination and ensure the safety of all who come into contact with your entrances.

If you are unsure of your entry’s finish, or how to properly clean that finish, please reach out to your local Boon Edam Technical Support team.