Thermal building solutions provider, Bondor , know that often the weak link of a cold storage room or freezer, where efficiency and profitability are risked, is the doors, which is they have custom designed and engineered a range of cold storage doors.

All Bondor cold storage doors are available in a number of configurations, and with a number of options to suit each customers individual requirements and applications.

Bondor cold storage doors can be single hinged, bi-parting or sliding, horizontal or vertical, and customers can choose either manual or automatic operation suitable for pedestrians or vehicles.

All Bondor cold storage doors can also be ordered with optional heated fascias to resist condensation and frosting around seals, and lockable doors with inbuilt internal safety releases.

Manufactured with expanded polystyrene, polyisocyurate, and mineral wool cores, these cold storage doors are available in thicknesses of 50mm, 75m, and 150mm. They come in a range of COLORBOND colours in either a plain, satinline, ribbed, or fineline finish.

Applications suitable Bondor cold storage doors include:

  • industrial and commercial cold storage facilities
  • chillers
  • freezers
  • chill tunnels
  • load outs
  • blast and plate freezers
  • abattoirs
  • walls; and
  • ceilings and partitions.