Bondor announces that its InsulLiving house building system has achieved CodeMark accreditation, ensuring acceptance by regulatory bodies in Australia and New Zealand. Bondor is Australia’s leading manufacturer of insulated building panels.

A building product certification scheme, a CodeMark assessment involves a Building Code of Australia-approved third party review of the products and systems to ensure they meet specific requirements. The CodeMark certification provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market.

Bondor’s InsulLiving house building system combines InsulWall structural insulated wall system and SolarSpan roofing products to provide a complete thermal envelope exceeding the current thermal efficiency requirements of the BCA for a wide range of climate zones.

Bondor general manager Geoff Marsdon explains that CodeMark strengthens the entire building supply chain and gives users confidence of the building product’s compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), or the New Zealand Building Code.

With CodeMark certification, builders, architects, designers and building certifiers can breathe easy knowing they can better manage their risks and liabilities in relation to product compliance to the BCA.

According to Mr Marsdon, Bondor’s InsulLiving system has come through years of rigorous testing with flying colours, ensuring total peace of mind for builders and home owners.

Bondor’s CodeMark certification refers to the complete building envelope of walls, ceiling and roof, while other certified products may require further approval or proof of integrated building elements.

The InsulLiving system was independently assessed as complying with a wide range of building code aspects including use in cyclonic regions, weather-proofing, and meeting energy efficiency requirements.

InsulLiving represents a revolutionary change to the way houses are built, demonstrating that an energy-efficient, environment-friendly home that is also modern can be built.

The fully engineered InsulLiving system offers significant advantages through the whole residential building supply chain to designers, builders and homeowners.

The InsulLiving house building system features the InsulWall structural insulated wall system and SolarSpan all-in-one insulated roof and ceiling system.

The InsulLiving system capitalises on the build-ability and speed of construction afforded by insulated panels, delivers superior insulation performance in sync with the modern homeowner’s need for efficient use of energy; and reduces the need for multiple trades when skilled workers are in short supply.