California Scents Australia  offers extensive range of air fresheners and fragrances. Air fresheners were popular during 1993 in Southern California. Air fresheners featuring fragrances such as Coronado cherry and Laguna breeze surfaced and they came in recyclable aluminium cans.

Moty Bergman, who initially brought back a spill proof organic car freshener to Australia, launched California Scents Australia, which now supplies several products such as the original, ‘Spill proof organic air freshener’, gels, crystals and citrus-based non-aerosol sprays. California Scents Australia supplies over 100 car washes in the Sydney metropolitan area.

California Scents Australia offers spill-proof organic air fresheners in variety of fragrances with vented lid. They are long lasting and versatile and come with scratch and sniff tester for customers. These tests give a sample of the natural smell of the product. After 60 days the canisters can be placed in small areas like drawers, pantries or closet after the scent pads are rotated.

Palm hang-outs are available in variety of fragrances, colourful, easy to hang in the car and wide range of display options such as power panels, clip strips, and floor displays. California Scents Australia also offers pet scents, vent elations and vacuum fresheners. Other automotive products include cool gels, citrus sprays, crystals, slim tins, vent clips, gel droplets and baubles.