Quality of living is not only determined by design but also by convenience. That is why Blum have developed a practical lock-open stop for pull-out shelves that can be used in various applications throughout the home. Be it in the kitchen, bathroom, in different living areas or laundry, the new Pull-out shelf lock will inspire designs and the specification of practical furniture.

Versatile and functional

Thanks to its sleek look and space-saving construction, the pull-out shelf lock by Blum makes it easy to implement beautifully designed and practical furniture. For enhanced user convenience, the Pull-out shelf lock can be combined with BLUMOTION soft-close and TIP-ON BLUMOTION producing opening and soft-closing ease.

Easy and secure

The two-sided locking mechanism ensures that the new solution provides a secure hold preventing the shelf from wobbling or sliding back into cabinets. The easy operating pull-out shelf can be unlocked with one hand thanks to the optional synchronisation shaft and easily closed. Implemented with Blum’s MOVENTO and TANDEM full extension runners, it is held securely in place when items or appliances are placed on top for as long as it is required.

Optimise everyday use

Pull-out shelves are ideal for files, printers and scanners in offices, are a practical solution for sound systems or gaming consoles in living rooms and are the perfect solution for coffee machines and food processors in kitchens. Not to forget the extra counter space they provide in home bars and laundry applications.

Blum products are backed up by their rigorous research and testing, ensuring Architects and Designers peace of mind when specifying. Be inspired by Blum’s Pull-out shelf lock.

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