Blum introduces the new AVENTOS HK-XS compact stay lift designed to deliver ergonomic, functional and design advantages to wall cabinets in kitchens and throughout the home.

An economical solution for wall cabinets, the AVENTOS HK-XS is the latest addition to Blum’s AVENTOS HK series and features a compact, sleek and narrow design. Recommended for high wall cabinets with low heights, the new stay lift fittings feature the familiar AVENTOS quality of motion with wall cabinet fronts opening and closing easily, along with ergonomic benefits such as the variable stop functionality.

The new AVENTOS HK-XS compact stay lifts also allow cabinets with low internal depths to be fitted easily above the rangehood in the kitchen or above the sink in the bathroom.

Key features of Blum’s AVENTOS HK-XS stay lifts include robust spring package ensuring high stability and durability without the use of gas; high level of design freedom with different materials and front thicknesses easily integrated; symmetrical lift mechanism usable on one or two sides - large, heavy fronts possible when used on both sides; silent and effortless closing when used in conjunction with CLIP top BLUMOTION soft-close hinges; handle-less designs possible when used in combination with TIP-ON for AVENTOS HK-XS and unsprung CLIP top hinges; and TIP-ON magnet allowing fronts to open with a gentle push and close securely.

Observing that AVENTOS HK-XS extends the application possibilities of their AVENTOS HK Series, Blum Marketing Manager Kylie Peterson explains that the new stay lifts meet customer expectations for functionality, quality and ergonomic benefits, given the increasing use of lift systems in furniture designs.