Bluedog Fences Australia  recently installed security fencing at West Bathurst Public School for the safety of staff and students.

Bluedog Fences Australia completed the perimeter school security fencing at West Bathurst Public and Denison College Bathurst High School Campus in June 2009. The security fencing was manufactured by Bluedog and installed at the two sites simultaneously, in order to complete the both projects in 16 work days. The project completion date was to coincide with the commencement of the mid year school holidays, a period in which school damage is historically heightened.

Existing weldmesh fencing had to be removed before the installation of some 1200 metres of 2100mm high Sherwood security fencing, 8 single gates and 14 double gates and 350 metres of weldmesh security fencing.

The principal of Bathurst High, Geoff Hastings, said the security fencing aesthetically enhances the iconic 1927 heritage listed building, and provides added security for [the] 360 students.

In one section of the work, the erection of the security fencing at West Bathurst involved the navigation of a serious working at heights issue. The school has a sporting field which has a 8-10 metre drop-off over about 100 metres along one side of the field, and the works involved removal of existing fencing and the installation of security fencing along this section. A site-specific working at height plan was prepared by Bluedog and the installation team completed the work safely and without incident, working in harnesses attached to an anchored fixed line.