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    BIS Shrapnel

    Residential Property from BIS Shrapnel

    BIS Shrapnel has extensive expertise in forecasting the housing market for investors and owner-occupiers, along with having a thorough understanding of demographic trends.

    • Residential Property Prospects, 2013-2016: Reviews the national outlook over the next three years, different drivers of activity across the state capital cities, and the shape of the residential market cycle through the next three years in each
    • Residential Land Market - Outlook for Demand and Supply, 2013-2018: An annual study providing an outlook of the demand for, and the supply of, broadhectare land in the seven major metropolitan regions
    • Emerging Trends in Residential Market Demand: Uses the latest 2011 Census results to identify the demographic trends that are taking place amongst the different purchaser segments of the residential market, and the consequent impact they are having on the demand for different types of dwellings
    • Inner Melbourne Apartments, 2013-2020: This study analyses eight separate inner city apartment precincts, highlighting each of their own distinctive demand and supply profiles and includes the most up-to-date information from the 2011 Census
    • Inner Brisbane Apartments, 2012-2019: This finding covers seven inner city apartment precincts, indicating each area’s own distinctive demand and supply profiles
    • Inner Sydney Apartments, 2013-2020: The report looks at eight separate inner city apartment precincts, finding each of their own distinctive demand and supply profiles while utilising up to date information from the 2011 Census
    • Medium & High Density Dwellings in Sydney Suburbs, 2013-2018: This report determines the level of demand for medium and high density dwellings in Sydney and potential development in particular Sydney centres
    • The Holiday Home Market in Australia: Uncovers the characteristics of the holiday home market in Australia, and realises the demand for holiday homes around Australia
    • The New House Market in Outer Sydney: This examines all aspects of the new house building market and demand for broadhectare land
    • Sydney’s Baby Boomers – Their Future Housing Needs: These findings provides the opportunity to strategically position your business to meet their future needs
    • Building Industry Prospects: This forecasts and delivers commentary on the outlook for building activity over the next 18 months in Australia, by sector and by state
    • Regional Building 2013 – 2015: The Regional Building service will analyse trends and prospects in demand and supply for residential and non-residential building in regional areas
    • Home Buyers Monitor, 2010: This research presents the mood and opinion of Australian home buyers on a regular (quarterly) basis
    • Residential Builder Panel – New Dwelling Construction: This series covers materials used in new residential buildings across Australia. Annually, this panel to update information on building materials and fittings used in residential dwellings
    • The Home Improvements Market in Australia, 2010: These findings uncover 15 major areas which together provide a comprehensive overview of the market for additions, renovations, and dwelling improvements
    Energy Efficiency and Water Saving in Australian Households, 2008:
    This comprehensive report provides:
    • A detailed analysis of household’s attitudes towards a range of energy efficient and water saving products and initiatives
    • Measurement of attitudes and opinions towards relevant issues
    • Detailed feedback from consumers
    Residential Property Private Client Work: A bespoke service for private client projects to address specific market issues.

    BIS Shrapnel can also undertake both quantitative and qualitative market research to cover a range of issues to be addressed. This can involve the use of focus groups, in-depth interviewing, or telephone surveys in order to derive the information required to assist you with your decision making.
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