People try to have healthy food, healthy clothing, build mud brick homes and yet they have a high pollution inside of their homes. Its because they buy products where they do not know the ingredients and slowly unwanted chemicals are creeping into their home. One source may be paint they buy in a hardware shop. The indoor pollution can be 10 times higher than outside.

Nearly five out of ten children suffer from allergies and will become a burden for the family and the medical system in the future.

Remember the days when painting was safe and simple. Now the conventional paints, solvent and water –based paints, can have several unwanted (toxic) ingredients like preservatives, solvents, additives, coal tar pigments, resins.

Bio Products Australia has the expertise to provide people with information why natural paint products are better for the family and the environment. Natural paint products are predominately made from chemicals found in food ingredients such as linseed oil, safflower oil and in minerals.

So, if people are concerned about their health or allergies of their family and friends. Bio’s range of products could be what people are looking for, and the colour range is a delight for the eyes.