A townhouse development like no other, this project consists of three highly sustainable homes built on a single block in Brunswick, Victoria. This project is aligned with the principles of the deliberative development model known as Collaborative Development by HIP V. HYPE, under which the owners of each of the townhouses pooled resources and their respective professional expertise in architecture, sustainability and project management to design and build the three homes on Davison Street in Melbourne.

Each townhouse is split over two levels, and contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one car and considered circulation to ensure separation between public and private spaces, maximising liveability in higher density living.

The development targeted a minimum environmental rating of 8 stars and 100% fossil fuel-free electric green power.

Designed by Archier and enabled by HIP V. HYPE, the development features the Archetto Series doors and windows from BINQ,

BINQ Tilt and Turn Windows

The tilt and turn windows feature BINQ’s proprietary design, making them the best performing (lowest uValue) windows manufactured in Australia. With the turn of a handle, the window tilts in at the top, promoting passive and secure ventilation, keeping your house fresh as well as safe. Turn the handle again and the window turns in at over 90 degrees, giving you rapid ventilation. BINQ’s tilt-turns feature Australian made double or triple glazed safety glass and high security multipoint locking system providing the ultimate security.


  • uVal - as low as 1.1
  • SHGC - as low as .258

BINQ IV68 Hinged Doors

BINQ IV68 hinged doors assure high security, thermal performance, ease of use and an elegant aesthetic, making it the ultimate door solution. These doors feature heavy duty European hinges to sustain weights up to 120kg (per sash), Australian made double glazed safety glass, high security multipoint locking system and a unique Italian made key produced exclusive for BINQ, making it impossible to replicate.


  • uVal - as low as 1.1
  • SHGC - as low as .32

Photography: http://www.tesskelly.net/