Casa Acton questions the purpose of architecture and its relationship with the natural world.

​The project grew out of an ongoing conversation within the Archier studio: ​ The balance between architecture as a technical practice and the creation of meaningful spaces; the issues of building on remote sites; the affordability of housing; the importance of sustainability; and the relationship between aesthetics and utility.

​They all came together when Archier studio director Josh FitzGerald and his partner wanted to build their first home.

Designed as a modular moveable dwelling that could be moved to a new site in future, the house features glazed doors and windows from BINQ’s Archetto Series and Azione Series. The modest cabin looks spacious thanks to the 7.5-metre wide floor to ceiling BINQ sliding glass doors that open up beautiful views to the landscaped garden outside and the surrounding bushland.

Photography: Adam Gibson