BINQ windows and doors were part of the ‘honest material palette’ adopted by the architects of the Nightingale 1 residential apartment project in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Brunswick.

The first project based on the Nightingale Model – a replicable, triple bottom line housing model with an overarching priority towards social, economic and environmental sustainability, Nightingale 1 was designed by Breathe Architecture based on a strategy to ‘build more with less’. Emerging from the success of The Commons project, the architects combined a carefully selected material palette with a focus on reduction to conceptualise a building where people wanted to live.

At its heart, Nightingale is all about people, its architecture serving as a catalyst to unite a group with similar values and build a community.

Nightingale 1

Nightingale 1 is a well-designed community-led building for owner-occupiers, with buyer engagement early on in the building process ensuring the apartments were designed completely to suit the end user’s requirements.

In terms of its exceptional sustainability outcomes, Nightingale 1 is the first residential building in the country to be connected under an embedded network that is 100% fossil fuel free. Nightingale is carbon neutral in its operation – every Nightingale resident receives 100% green power at wholesale rates and cheaper than everyone else in Australia is paying for black power.