The size of the average Australian home is at a 20-year low. With less space to work with, designers and specifiers must seek innovative design solutions while keeping footprints minimal. This is especially challenging for kitchens, which must balance functionality, performance and aesthetics while addressing practical concerns such as bench space, access to water and electricity, drainage and cabinet storage. Custom kitchen design and integration has emerged as an effective solution to creating optimised kitchen spaces that meet the needs of today’s users.

'Made to order: The benefits of custom kitchen design' provides designers and specifiers with essential guidance as to the key considerations when designing a contemporary residential kitchen and the benefits of custom kitchen design and integration to this process. First, we broadly discuss the fundamental design requirements for modern kitchens. We then look at custom kitchens and integrated solutions in the context of current design trends and explain their value in terms of space efficiency, functionality and design flexibility. Finally, we present a range of custom tapware and filtered water systems that enable a broad range of design possibilities.

For nearly 30 years, Billi has been the market leader in the tapware and instant boiling and chilled filtered water system industries. Originating from Australia but used around the word, Billi’s high quality solutions are celebrated for their combination of functionality, performance and contemporary aesthetics.

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