Bildspec recently installed their acoustic moving walls in a luxury gymnasium located at an upmarket high-rise apartment complex in Port Melbourne. Bildspec’s Series 100 double glazed operable acoustic walls were installed at the PM Gym, part of PM Port Melbourne located at 320 Plummer Street.

PM Port Melbourne comprises two residential towers and a luxury apartment hotel as part of a grand renewal plan for the neighbourhood. Located in the new suburb of Fisherman’s Bend, PM is changing the street scene with the evolution of the sleepy industrial estate into a bustling, vibrant suburb to accommodate 40,000 new residents with access to eight new green spaces, walking trails, bicycle lanes, an extended tram line into the city, three new schools, and within walking distance of the beach and waterfront cafes and bars.

Designed by Elenberg Fraser, the complex is as luxurious on the outside as it is inside. Exclusive amenities include a health and wellness retreat with a state-of-the-art gymnasium.

Bildspec’s bespoke double glazed acoustic moving walls were designed to provide an acoustic separation between the main workout room and weights gym. The acoustic walls needed three off-pivot panels requiring precision alignment between the inset display windows and the archway above them. The top track has been concealed in the arched window mullion to ensure a seamless connect between the different bottom sections and overhead panels.

The ‘Navurban Clifton Hill’ veneer (by New Aged Veneers) coupled with the Electro Dark Bronze frame colour contributes to a clean, relaxed and natural finish befitting such a luxurious wellness centre.