Bildspec operable walls have been specified for the multi-million-dollar upgrade of Melbourne’s Chelsea Heights Primary School to create flexible learning spaces.

Funded by the Victorian State Government School Building Authority, the prestigious school upgrade will include a stylish and welcoming administration area as well as repurposing of existing spaces within the main school building. The repurposing will serve to create additional classrooms and collaborative learning spaces, modern new meeting rooms and staffroom in addition to a contemporary new exterior connecting indoor and outdoor learning areas, landscaping and a nature play space.

Stage 1 of the redevelopment is well underway with the entire upgrade projected to be finalised in 2021. The brand-new, state-of-the-art facilities will be a material reflection of the high standard of education already provided by the school to their students.

As specialists in providing acoustic moveable wall solutions to the education industry, Bildspec Operable Walls helped transform four large, existing areas into eight smaller learning spaces, with the flexibility to revert to the open plan configuration when needed.

Bildspec was able to guarantee that the operable walls were of like construction as required, and to those tested to AS1191-2002 by a NATA approved independent Australian acoustic laboratory.

Following the installation of Bildspec’s operable walls, the school now features new learning and activity spaces – each flowing seamlessly into the next – while eliminating the traditional rigid, isolated classrooms and halls. The high acoustic ratings of these folding acoustic walls facilitate both large and small open learning spaces where children can learn in a quiet yet robust physical learning environment.

“Our bright new space will enable us to continue to cultivate and deliver the inclusive, collaborative, creative, technologically advanced learning programs and community-driven culture of achievement we pride ourselves on at CHPS,” the school said.