A Bildspec acoustic operable wall was installed at Rockdale Public School on behalf of School Infrastructure NSW.

Bildspec installed the Series 100 Rw45 centre stacking operable wall between classrooms to allow classes to be conducted simultaneously without unwanted noise causing disruption. The operable wall panels were finished in an Autex Composition face finish, with inset vitreous enamel whiteboards on both sides.

Autex Composition is a high-performance acoustic wall covering with a rich colour and soft yet durable polyester fibre finish. The hook-and-loop receptive pile and pinnable self-healing surface lends itself to creative and education focused spaces. The acoustic wall features bright, dynamic colours – Granny Smith on one side and Phantom on the other – promoting inspiration and visual expression.

An ideal classroom environment is one where students can easily comprehend their teachers and classmates. Learning spaces where one struggles to hear or communicate can lead to students becoming disconnected and unfocussed. This, in turn, can impact their cognitive development, reduce learning outcomes and cause behavioural issues.

This is why classroom design globally has evolved to give due consideration to the acoustic environment, using tools such as moveable acoustic wall panels to enable inspiring learning spaces.

Bildspec folding walls have an important part to play in providing an improved acoustic environment. These operable wall systems are often used to assist the creation of innovative, high-quality learning environments that offer flexibility and adaptability, and where teachers can provide opportunities for student engagement.