The Rainsaver changeover control systems for BlueScope Water Thinktank rainwater harvesting systems are now available in Australia from Bianco Pumpz.

BlueScope Water Thinktank rainwater harvesting systems consist of attractive and well designed Waterpoint rainwater tanks, pumps, filters and accessories required to meet the requirements of new homes.  

The Thinktank rainwater harvsting systems enable tank water to be used whenever available. When the tanks run low, they automatically switch over to the mains supply, saving valuable town water and harnessing free rainwater.

BlueScope Water has pioneered the development of better rainwater harvesting systems and has developed  a wall cabinet version which ensures a neat and professional finish, whilst ensuring the highest of quality supply of rainwater and mains water as required.  

The Rainsaver changeover control systems, the brains of the Thinktank rainwater harvesting systems were chosen for their quality engineering, ease of  installation, fully-automatic operation and low running costs.  These changeover control systems are a reliable and simple way to automatically switch over from tank water to town water and back, to make full use of captured rainwater.

The Rainsaver changeover devices detect any drop in pump pressure which occurs if the water level in the tank falls below a predetermined level and automatically switch over to town water supply until there is enough rain to refill the tank. When it rains and the tanks begin to refill, the changeover unit automatically switches back over to tank water to provide free water for laundries, toilets and garden taps.