Berendsen Fluid Power  is one of the largest hydraulic companies in Australia which carries its operations across the country through its seven branches. The company was formed in 1993 by acquiring a number of hydraulic service providers. The nationwide network of Berendsen Fluid Power is well equipped to deliver prompt and integrated fluid power solutions and hydraulic products to customers.

The company has ongoing involvement and experience over a wide range of industries in fluid power applications such as agriculture, transport, mining, marine, construction and manufacturing. The four main operations performed by Berendsen Fluid Power are manufacturing, system and application design, distribution and service and repair.

Berendsen Fluid Power offers 24 hour on-site service, complete hose and fitting service, in-house repairs and testing and maintenance through its experienced team of technicians. The company is also a specialist in cylinder repair and service. A qualified engineering team is available to provide logical and technical expertise.

Berendsen Fluid Power offers a wide range of fluid power products, cylinders and power units. It also provides system solutions and service and repair facilities. The company supplies hydraulic products from major manufacturers like Vickers, Ausco, Salami, Trasmital, Hydraforce, Eaton, Char-Lynn, Fairfield and Oil Control.