Traditional sheeting, screeding and waterproofing can take up to 4 days for a conventional bathroom installation. With WEDI, a tested, certified and proven 100% waterproof ready-to-tile shower system, you can achieve significant time savings on your installation.

Produced by a single source manufacturer in Germany with over 35 years of industry experience, WEDI is a lightweight, quick and easy system that has a total installation time of 4 hours.

The WEDI shower system is a perfect substrate for tile or stone, offering a pre-sloped yet flat surface with a superior bond for any tile and stone adhesive. Eliminate any worries about delamination, deterioration or other surprises for absolute long-term peace of mind.

When you choose WEDI, you don’t need waterproof roll-on or sheet membranes to be installed, eliminating any risk of cracks or pinholes. The WEDI blue XPS closed cell foam core is 100% waterproof as well as mould- and mildew-proof. It even remains fully functional after partial damage.

WEDI waterproof building boards can be used as an underlayment and are rated for heavy-duty commercial use once tiled. The modular, easy-to-cut, easy-to-modify design allows for versatile application and allows you to go from framework to ready for tiles in just a few hours, making it one of the fastest installations in the industry.

WEDI is reliable and cost-efficient, opening up a whole new world of design possibilities for showers, wet areas and baths during the waterproofing process.

WEDI ready-to-tile shower system is backed by an industry-leading comprehensive warranty of 10 years.

Save time, reduce labour and minimise stress with WEDI, available now at Beaumont Tiles.