Introducing a ‘Classic Traditional’ style into your home’s interiors helps create a warm and welcoming vibe for your guests.

Cosy, homely, calm and comfortable - a Classic Traditional style gives off all of these vibes to the guest. This decor style is truly timeless, reminiscent of a five-star European hotel, and is characterised by its symmetrical and spacious personality.

The simple Classic Traditional style holds no surprises and is designed to inject familiarity to those within its company. The very simplicity of this style is sure to work well for those seeking a minimalistic design.

Style Checklist

Use light greys or unsaturated greens to inject a sense of energy, in conjunction with layering designer furnishings.

Embrace classical geometric patterns as they will remain timeless and can further add to the traditional and elegant aesthetic.

For your main floor tiles, go for light or dark shades to nail your interior colour scheme first.

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