Beaumont Tiles presents a stunning range of laminated porcelain tiles designed to open up innovative possibilities in construction and interior design.

Coverlam porcelain rectified tiles are maximum impact slab tiles made using roller press technology and measure 1000mm x 3000mm in size. The tile’s minimum depth of 3.5mm (or 5.6mm) helps create ceramic skins for exteriors and interiors. Additionally, the fibreglass strength of the 3.5mm tiles combined with the reinforcement on the back using 0.5mm thick glass fibre mesh for optimal mechanical strength, allows them to be bent on a curve. While the 3.5mm thick tile weighs 7.8 kg/m², the 5.6mm thick tile weighs 14 kg/m².

Key features of Coverlam porcelain tiles include slim profile allowing easier and faster cutting/ handling for substantial financial savings in projects; resistance to bending, UV light, chemicals, wear, fire and frost; easy-to-clean tiles preventing mould and bacterial growth; eco-friendly production using 2-3 times less raw quarry materials than any other type of porcelain tile and fired in a hybrid kiln (gas and electricity), requiring less energy to produce; recyclable material; and treatment with Hydrotect, a titanium dioxide coating for self-cleaning, antibacterial and odour-elimination properties.

Exposing the coating to ultraviolet radiation produces a photocatalytic reaction that generates active oxygen and breaks down dirt into smaller, less adhesive particles. Hydrotect’s hydrophilic properties allow water to spread uniformly over the surface, facilitating drag and removal of dirt particles.


The Beaumont Studio Design & Communications Specialist, Christie Wood says Coverlam is technical and aesthetic with versatile use in heavy transit areas as well as interior and exterior walls and floors.

Coverlam porcelain tiles are recommended for facades with their large size speeding up installation. The tile’s resistance to mould and bacteria in addition to the large format with fewer joins, makes it especially suitable for wall coverings in hospitals, clinics and surgeries.

Apart from facades and healthcare settings, Coverlam is also recommended for surfaces needing high quality finishes. The slim profile and flexibility make it perfect for decorative features and even curved walls. With resistant properties, it’s ideal for cladding kitchen countertops, islands or bathrooms.

The Beaumont Studio range

Colours range from black and off-white to marble effect taupe and creams. Coverlam is manufactured by Grespania, Spain.