MBT Australia has released a new range of polypropylene fibres for concrete that incorporate.a choice of either monofilament or fibrillated fibre designs..

Manufactured in the US by Forta Corporation, the new Masterfibre Econo-Net and Masterfibre Econo-Mono fibres are made from 100 percent homopolymer polypropylene, and are supplied in easy-to-use biodegradeable bags for fast and accurate dosing. The fibres can be added to the concrete mix at the batch plant or in the truck, with the mixing action distributing the fibres evenly throughout the concrete to produce an homogeneous mix and provide effective micro-reinforcement and crack control.

Masterfibre Econo-Net incorporates a collated fibrillated fibre design that ‘opens up’ during the mixing process to provide an effective ‘network’ of secondary reinforcement. It can be used across a range of concrete construction applications, including slab-on-grade, overlays, toppings, kerbs, driveways, pavements and footpaths and is suitable for use in a variety of mixes, including architectural/coloured concretes, mortars and grouts.

Meanwhile, Masterfibre Econo-Mono polypropylene fibres for concrete feature a monofilament design that incorporates individual fibres of a uniform length. Specifically developed to control plastic shrinkage cracking, Masterfibre Econo-Mono fibres help to reduce the formation of shrinkage cracks prior to the initial set, while also reducing settlement shrinkage.

Source: Building Products News.