Bamboo Industries adopts seven methods in its manufacturing process of bamboo flooring. The various steps are controlled raw material, controlled drying and warehousing, precision milling, perfect tongue and groove fit, high quality adhesives, high quality urethane reinforced the aluminium oxide and integrated quality assurance.

Bamboo Industries ensures that only top-quality mature bamboo harvested from controlled forests is used. In controlled drying and warehousing, Bamboo Industries takes care that bamboo strips are kiln dried to surpass industry standards and are stored in a warehouse with controlled temperature and relative humidity.

The planks are manufactured perfectly straight, with a constant thickness and width. Bamboo Industries adopts high manufacturing standards and quality control processes to assure an easy and worry free installation. Bamboo Industries uses only quality adhesives from Europe to meet the strict European E1 standard.

Bamboo Industries uses high quality urethane reinforced with aluminium oxide. This polyurethane application process results in a finish which is three times more abrasion resistant. The last but not the least step adopted by Bamboo Industries is integrated quality assurance which ensures that every step of the manufacturing process is subjected to strict quality controls and there by guarantees superior quality.

The ultimate benefits of bamboo flooring from Bamboo Industries are superior uniformity, better appearance and superior durability of the floor.