Baines Masonry Blocks has introduced a new speciality seal to provide long term protection to retaining walls from environmental elements.

SRW RWX Retaining Wall X-treme Specialty Seal is a penetrating sealer specifically designed to protect vertical applications such as retaining walls against the damaging effects of water intrusion, acid rain, de-icing chemicals, freeze/thaw exposure, airborne dirt and road spray.

A water-based product that can be used with both sprayers and rollers, SRW RWX Specialty Seal is recommended for residential and commercial applications on surfaces that are clean and above ground.

SRW RWX Specialty Seal is invisible when applied, leaving your retaining wall with its natural finish. Being breathable, the sealer coating allows moisture to pass through the surface, preventing build-up of water within the wall that could cause structural damage.

The protective properties of the sealer ensure an extended life for the retaining wall and its aesthetic including colour, making the RWX Sealer an ideal choice when finishing a project.