Compliance around fire resistance and acoustic performance has been becoming an increasingly significant part of design and construction processes. With the growing popularity of urban centres and developments of multi-residential dwellings, ensuring architects, designers and specifiers use code compliant, reliable materials that are fit for purpose has become paramount in providing compliant environments that are safe for the public.

'Calculated compliance: Meeting fire and acoustic requirements in today’s complex regulatory landscape' examines the compliance landscape, providing a detailed view of the requirements set-out by the National Construction Code when it comes to fire and acoustic treatment, and looks at how industry professionals can meet those requirements using a revolutionary industry tool that aids the process of selecting the right products.

The Fire and Acoustic Calculator by Baines Masonry simplifies the process of specifying code-compliant and high performance masonry products ensuring they meet the fire resistance level (FRL) and acoustic performance requirements and aims to eliminate the margin of error associated with manual calculations giving the designers and specifiers confidence in being fully compliant with industry requirements.

Baines Masonry has been an Australian leader in providing a comprehensive range of high performance concrete products since 1982 and, with the growing compliance concerns in mind, it’s now created the Fire and Acoustic Calculator.

Download this whitepaper to find out more about the NCC requirements for fire resistance and acoustics performance and learn about a new Baines Masonry tool that simplifies the process of selecting the right fully compliant products.