Bacto Laboratories  is a known supplier of branded laboratory and analytical equipment in Australia. The products that it markets are plastics, instruments and safety products.

Plastics from Bacto Laboratories offer cost effective methods of storage and safety in laboratories across Australia. Vessels from Bacto Laboratories are buckets, wash bottles, tubes, Petri dishes, dram vials, jars, jerry cans and the like. Volumetric products from Bacto Laboratories include beakers, measuring cylinders, jugs and pipettes. Bacto Laboratories also supplies other products such as funnels, slide boxes, stands, racks, spatulas and spoons.

Bacto Laboratories offers a large range of high quality laboratory equipment and instruments. These are mixers, incubators, blood fridges, burners, shakers, water baths, suction pumps and the like.

Bacto Laboratories believes that safety is of utmost importance in laboratories across Australia. Bacto Laboratories provides safety storage spaces such as safety cabinets to store hazardous materials. Clothing that the company provides for handling these materials are safety glasses, gloves, ear protection and disposable caps and shoes. Sorbents and spill kits are used to clean up spills. Bacto Laboratories also provides disinfectants, cleaners and paper absorbents for the essential process of decontamination.