Azzurri Group  is a building and construction development company that offers complete project designing, planning and management services for commercial and residential construction projects. Azzurri Group conducts feasibility studies and onsite assessments for understanding the scope of the proposed construction project. Azzurri Group provides technical support services for engineers, architects, developers and builders with project management needs. Azzurri Group offers complete range of project management services, right from project development, design and planning to execution of the construction project. Azzurri Group uses reliable and efficient project management strategies for its construction activities.

Some of the commercial and multi residential construction projects completed by Azzurri Group include the Meredith St Bankstown project, Mecure Metro project, Bathurst St Sydney project, Ada St Oatley project, Hassal St Parramatta project, North Parramatta Project and Eucalyptus Place project. Azzurri Group uses quality control and management strategies for planning and executing its design and construction project. Azzurri Group conducts its construction and development activities according to occupational health and safety standards.

Azzurri Group offers design, planning, analysis, development, project management and construction services for a range of residential and commercial construction projects.