Avery Graphics was recently involved in a revolutionary advertising campaign that saw one of Virgin’s Boeing 737s transformed into a mobile billboard for Gillette’s M3 Power razor.

Avery Graphics partnered with Rice Graphics Images for application, Cactus Imaging for printing and Clemanger BBDO, the design and advertising agency, to launch the new product for Gillette. Avery Graphics was selected as the preferred material to cover this monster skyboard, the company says. The plane was painted black and green in the colours of the new razor, then images of the M3 Power Razor were digitally printed using UV flat bed NUR Expedio UV Digital Press on Avery 7900 Aircraft Marking Film and applied to the fuselage.

Virgin Blue’s chief executive Officer Brett Godfrey said: “The idea of advertising on jets is very Virgin Blue – new and not seen before. With 49 aircrafts in our fleet, we may well consider extending it to some of our other planes and having some fun with that.”