AvePro presents a unique and humane solution for building managers to keep pest birds away from buildings.

AvePro Shock Track is one of the strongest bird deterrent systems and also one of the least visible, designed to deter all pest birds from ledges, parapets, beams, roofs and other architectural features using an electrified shock track. A durable stainless steel braid delivers a strong, but harmless charge to teach birds to stay away from the building.

In use for many years at commercial buildings and industrial structures in Australia and New Zealand, AvePro Shock Track is a durable, long-life bird deterrent system that blends in with the building structure. Recommended for retail, domestic, commercial and historical properties, the Shock Track is particularly useful for difficult-to-manage species such as crows, ravens, cockatoos, Indian mynas and starlings. The system is also well suited to pigeons, sparrows, seagulls and other traditional pest birds.

Key features and benefits of AvePro Shock Track include strong deterrence to bird species of all sizes; low profile design, only 6mm high and invisible when viewed from below; choice of four colours to suit most buildings; high resistance to UV rays; 5-year manufacturer’s warranty; and solar or 240v powered system using energisers.

AvePro Shock Track is attached to ledges, pipes, brick and stone walls, steel beams, rooves and parapets using a special bonding agent, and connected to an Australian-made energiser.

AvePro Shock Track is a humane bird deterrent system that teaches pest birds to stay away from buildings by delivering a high voltage, low amperage shock without harming or injuring the bird. AvePro Shock is widely used in zoos and animal parks in Australia.

Made from stainless steel and high density, ultraviolet stabilised polyethylene, AvePro Shock offers a durable solution and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s product replacement track warranty.

The low visual impact of AvePro Shock is a major advantage as it does not affect the appearance of the building. At only 6mm high, the Shock is not visible when viewed from below, while the colours blend well into most architectural features.

AvePro Shock can be turned off at the energiser to avoid an accidental shock when entering an area for maintenance. The bird deterrent system is supplied with a variety of heavy duty fixings and components to help install the product on almost any building or structure.