The NSW Government has announced a new Gas Efficiency Funding grant for companies using gas as an energy source in the state. Supporting the planned introduction of gas into the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) in 2016, the program offers grants totalling up to $40,000 to sites with an annual gas usage of over 1000 GJ.

Program objectives

Businesses across NSW are facing greater cost pressures from rising gas prices, which coupled with the general lack of on-site resources and monitoring, and difficulty in accessing capital have made it harder for them to respond effectively. The NSW Government’s Energy Efficiency Action Plan aims to reduce bills and pressure on future prices through energy efficiency by implementing the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), which will be expanded in 2016 to include gas.

Launched by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), the Gas Efficiency Funding program will support the planned introduction of gas into the ESS by providing direct grant funding to sites to implement gas monitoring and efficiency projects. Data collected from these projects will assist the OEH to develop new methods for calculating gas savings under the ESS.

Key objectives of the program include reducing market barriers to implementing gas efficiency; providing incentives for implementing gas efficiency projects; helping businesses prepare for the planned expansion of the ESS to include gas; and building the market for gas efficiency products and services.

Who can apply?

The applicant’s site must be located within NSW and have an annual gas use of over 1,000 GJ (approximately $30,000 per annum). Organisations with multiple sites in NSW, each with an annual gas use of over 1,000 GJ, can submit more than one application with each application to be assessed individually.

What is funded?

The program provides matched funding to implement a two-stage project:

Stage 1 includes the installation of gas measurement and monitoring systems including gas and steam sub-meters and data-logging systems.

Stage 2 involves the implementation of gas efficiency improvement projects including the installation of boiler economisers and oxygen trim control; improvements to boiler blowdown and condensate return systems; and the recovery of heat from refrigeration or compressors to offset gas use.

The organisation can apply for a grant of up to a total of $40,000 divided into two stages for each eligible site. OEH will match the implementation costs for Stages 1 and 2. A maximum of $15,000 funding is available for Stage 1 (up to 50 per cent of actual project costs) and a maximum of $25,000 funding is available for Stage 2 (up to 50 per cent of actual project costs). It’s necessary to implement both stages.

Funding will be provided upon completion of each of the stages and will be contingent on the submission of the required project data.

OEH also offers assistance with the selection and specification of equipment designed to increase the efficiency of the company’s gas fired plant.

Automatic Heating offers a free energy usage appraisal, technical advice and no-obligation consultation on system designs.