Autodesk , Inc has made it easier for architects, engineers and designers to more fully realise their ideas with the release of AutoCAD 2007 software.

The new AutoCAD 2007 software allows users the flexibility to work in an integrated environment for conceptual and detailed design, as well as create, manage and share in one environment. The conceptual design features make it fast and easy to explore design alternatives and then reuse that information as a basis for the documentation drawings needed to build the design. AutoCAD 2007 is ideal for professionals who are doing conceptual design manually, or when used with external software tools, speeding up the design process and enabling more effective presentations.

The new AutoCAD 2007 software is sophisticated enough for the most complex of projects, and yet approachable for beginners. The AutoCAD 2007 platform delivers a powerful and intuitive interface for quick and easy shape creation and modification, as well as new features that enable customers across multiple industries to fully explore their design during early project phases, providing faster feedback and more opportunities for design exploration. More than 1,000 beta customers around the world have tested and helped shape this latest version.

Autodesk’s vertical products will also take advantage of AutoCAD platform improvements and deliver marked improvements to their already robust 3D modelling environments. For customers who use multiple Autodesk design tools, such as AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit or Autodesk Inventor software products, data exchange and interoperability have been significantly improved. By standardising technologies across the product lines, clients can take advantage of these vertical-specific applications and take the 3D environment to the next level by adding intelligence to the data, as well as interconnectivity of the design elements.

Autodesk has also launched AutoCAD LT 2007 software, the world’s No. 1 selling 2D drafting application. This release features productivity improvements related to everyday drafting tasks and features Dynamic Block authoring and integrated Layer management tools. The product includes DWF underlay for enhanced secure access to data and continues to support native DWG file format compatibility.