Auto Gate Systems Australia  is a specialist of gate automation systems and gate accessories for residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Australia. Some of Auto Gate Systems Australia's popular product ranges are vehicle barriers and gate hardware.

The different types of vehicle barriers from Auto Gate Systems Australia are the traditional boom gates and the contemporary rising bollards. The Stoppy from Auto Gate Systems Australia is a sturdy and durable vehicle barrier used in the security systems of banks and post offices. Its movement, closing and opening, lasts only for about 6 seconds. Other vehicle barriers from Auto Gate Systems Australia are the Barrier Arm, BGV foundation base plate and the heavy traffic fast barrier.

Hardware from Auto Gate Systems Australia includes hinges, gate stops and the like. Nylon guide rollers, U-grooves, nylon caps, pitch racks and guide plates are some of the popular hardware products used in the gate automation systems. These are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions which can be chosen according to customer requirements.

Other products that Auto Gate Systems Australia offers customers are vehicle barriers, gate and door automation systems, hardware, DIY kits and gate accessories.