A polyurethane coating system from Australian Urethane Systems has been used for corrosion protection at a Molymet Facility Bund.

POLYEURO 5502F is a Pure Aromatic Polyurea System, which was used for bund sealing and to provide long term protection of all concrete surfaces at the tank farm.

A membrane impervious to spills of process solutions was provided, creating a seamless application on the concrete surface and superior crack bridging.

It is abrasion and impact resistant and can withstand mechanical damage from other works or production vehicles.

The polyeuro coating is elastomeric, with 6000 litres used to protect the tank farm from corrosion.

POLYEURO 5502F polyurethane coating is ideal for water and waste water treatment plants, water storage reservoirs, mineral/chemical process plants, food processing plants, marine environments, secondary containment and landfill containment.