A 10-LITRE wet/dry industrial vacuum cleaner has been released by the Australian Pump Industries . The compact Y100D Happy Vac comes with an impact resistant polypropylene barrel which is claimed to offer advantages over steel and pressed stainless steel.

The machine is supplied with high-strength clips that enable the whole motor section to be quickly lifted off the barrel for clean out or filter change. A high strength carry handle is built into the top motor housing for operator convenience.

The Happy Vac’s 1,000W industrial motor provides a water lift of 215 bar and an air flow of 250 m3 per hour. An optional 99.9 percent filtration system makes the machine suited for hospitals, medical centres or allergy sufferers. The optional microweb filter is constructed from a polyester or homopolymer acrylic fibre with a microporous membrane applied to the collection surface. It makes the machine suitable for use with dust from limestone, biochemicals, lead, sugar, cement, precious metals, pigments or fertilizers.

The accessories supplied as standard equipment include two steel chrome plated wands, a heavy duty crushproof hose, a round brush, a carpet/hard floor tool that adjusts to suit the surface being cleaned, crevice tool, a Venetian blind tool and a squeegee to pick up spill.

-- Construction Contractor