A new enhanced performance version of the Aussie Fire Chief self priming fire pump will hit the market this season. Powered by a big Honda 6.5 HP model GX200 petrol engine, the new pump, called the Fire Chief Plus, produces higher flow at high pressure, whilst at the same time saving fuel.

Designed around the super reliable Aussie Fire Chief, the pump offers flows of up to 510 lpm and has a maximum pressure rating of over 100 psi. The big Honda engine, with additional HP available, provides the pump with loads of power to reach its full capability, without overloading the engine.

The complete machine comes as standard equipment with a heavy duty roll frame with anti vibration mounts. The roll frame makes the chief easy to handle on site, whilst at the same time protecting both pump and engine. Like all of the Aussie Fire Chief family, the pump features a huge 7.5” diameter impeller that gives the pump its high performance characteristics. The heavy duty impeller weighs up to two and a half times more than competitors, providing users with increased longevity.

A front mounted removable 2” suction port allows plenty of water to get in to the pump and allows easy servicing of the pump check valve without complete dismantling. “Other pumps have their suction port cast into the pump bowl,” Aussie Pumps’ Craig Bridgement says. “That means that if the thread on the suction port is damaged the entire pump bowl will have to be thrown away. Not with the Aussie Fire Chief!”

The pump has excellent self priming characteristics with the ability to draft water from creeks, streams or dams from depths as low as 7.6 metres.

The standard delivery port is a unique three way tree that enables either 1 1 ½” or 2 1” hoses to operate simultaneously. An optional 2” outlet is available for applications where only 2” pipe will be used with the unit, with resulting reductions in friction loss and, increased pump performance.

The standard version is recoil start but an electric start option is also available, with battery pack included. Further information including a free comprehensive specification catalogue and a guide for fire fighting household protection is available free of charge from Australian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump distributors throughout Australia.