The recent extreme weather conditions are already placing an enormous strain on the resources of the fire fighting authorities and highlighting the need for home owners to be aware and prepared.

Australian Pump Industries has designed the Aussie Fire Chief, a reliable, heavy duty, fire fighting pump that enable users to have the best chance against a possible disaster. Recently Hamish Lorenz saved his log cabin at Arcadia, on the outskirts of Sydney by teaming the Aussie Fire Chief pump and a heavy duty Unifire fire fighting nozzle.

“The fire came within 10 metres of the house and it was only our ability to dowse spot fires that saved our home.” Lorenz says.

He started out using a standard fire fighting kit with 2.5cm delivery hose.

“The 2.5cm kit worked OK to a point, but simply didn’t allow enough water to get out onto the fires to provide any kind of real protection,” Lorenz says. “Later, we connected a 3.75cm high pressure hose with a big fire fighting nozzle. The Aussie Fire Chief proved to us what it could really do.”

The Aussie Fire Chief pump produces more than 100 psi pressure and flows of up to 500 litres per minute, providing real confidence in asset protection. The Aussie Fire Chief pump is also backed by a fire year warranty.

Farmers can be prepared this summer by ensuring that homes and surrounding areas are properly maintained, grass is short and an Aussie Fire Chief pump is on standby and ready to go at all times.

Further information on Aussie Fire Chief is available from Australian Pump Industries and Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.